Centralized Installation Plant

Becoming One Of The Best Centralized Installation Factories In The World

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TOYOTA’s Kuwait Centralized Installation Plant Officially Opened

Assisted TOYOTA’s Kuwait distributor in planning its centralized installation plants and it opened officially in 2020.

The GAC CHANGHE Plant opened officially in mainland China on Mar 2016.

TMCI(TOYOTA Motor(China)Investment Co., Ltd) visit GCC centralized installation plant at Taipei port, Taiwan. The LEXUS centralized installation plant started operation on Jan 2014 at Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin and also Dalian.

GAC visit GCC centralized installation plant. The GAC CHANGHE temporary plant opened in mainland China on Mar 2014.

Established Guangzhou GAC CHANGHE Auto Tech with GAC.

Established CARMAX Auto Tech(Shanghai), which is 100% shareholding by CARMAX.

CARMAX established the GCC centralized installation plant at Taipei Port in 2009.


" Safety " , " Skills " , " Quality " , " Improvement " 

Safety First

Standards for vehicle traffic flow, personal protective equipment and fire safety facilities. Reached a record of 4,500 consecutive days without occupational incidents in 2021.

Skills Training

We have a comprehensive training and performance evaluation framework in place to ensure that every employee has the necessary skills.


100% coverage of completion inspection and periodic audits ensure that our quality KPI (defect rate <0.01%) is met. Through plant-wide inspections and in-house auditing, we continue to increase our quality standards and ensure that all production processes are in compliance.

Continuous Improvement

In keeping with the management guidelines of the TOYOTA Production System, we strive to reduce waste and increase manufacturing efficiency. A custom-built enterprise production management system lowers the costs of inventory management and human resources.


Vertical Integration

We offer an integrated service package from product R&D all the way to assembly and installation.

Needs-Oriented Plant Planning

We stay on top of market trends and, therefore, have the ability to evaluate capacity, optimize traffic flow, and design a plant that meets our clients’ needs.

Global Plant Planning Outcomes

We have assisted in the establishment of centralized installation plants for GAC TOYOTA as well as centralized installation plants for LEXUS Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Dalian. We have also assisted in the planning of centralized installation plants in Kuwait.

Installation Quality Guaranteed

We held regular technical competitions in search of continuous improvement and better quality to give our clients exceptional value and the peace of mind.


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