CARMAX Internet of Vehicles (IoV)

CARMAX Drive+ Connect in-car infotainment system transforms traditional cars into a hub for travel information and audiovisual entertainment. With CARMAX Drive+ Connect, car owners can have access to a wide range of information. It even tells you where parking spaces are available so that you never have to worry about it. It pairs easily with smartphones to allow you to keep track of your car. CARMAX Drive+ Connect features a great deal of in-car entertainment options and an intuitive user interface, giving you and your loved ones the best time while on the go.

Development Blueprint For CARMAX Internet of Vehicles

CARMAX offers the most comprehensive IoV solution on the market—CARMAX Drive+ Connect,an integrated infotainment device with internet connectivity. We work with industry-leading partners to build a complete IoV ecosystem, creating a win-win business model while giving customers the safest and most entertaining driving experience.