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Set up your Android Auto

You can connect to Android Auto with your Android phone running Android 6.0 or higher, with an active data plan. Using a high-quality USB cable to connect your Android phone to the Car Display Audio.

1. When plugging your Android phone with a USB cable into the Car Display Audio,  the prompt appears on the display, tap OK to enable Android Auto.

2.  If your Android phone has never connected to the Car Display Audio before, a prompt “To use Android Auto, please stop your car and follow the instructions on your phone.” will appears on the display.

3. Please stop your car and engage your parking brake, and then follow the instructions on your Android phone to learn safety information, accept the privacy policy, and grant the permissions required by Android Auto.

In the Android Auto function, you can Press the icon to exit Android Auto and go back to the Car Display Audio’s interface. Please visit “https://www.android.com/auto/ ” for Android Auto’s instruction.

 4. You can simply tap the tile on the home screen back to Android Auto.