The following terms and conditions are the content that you must understand and agree when CARMAX provides your services through this website. To protect your rights and allow you to use the services on the website legally, please read the contents of these terms and conditions in detail before use. When you use this website, it is deemed that you have agreed to and abide by the terms and conditions, related laws and regulations. If you do not agree with the content of these terms and conditions, please do not use this website.

Product And Service Information

This website provides relevant information about the products manufactured, sold or represented by CARMAX Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CARMAX") and the services or promotions provided. All relevant information is only applicable to the Republic of China, ROC (Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu) regions.

Comply With Terms And Conditions And Laws

When you use the services of this website, it is deemed that the user agrees to accept the restrictions of these user terms and conditions, all precautions and agree to abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China, ROC and all international Internet regulations and practices.

Modification And Deletion Of User Information

Based on the various services provided on this website, you agree to provide accurate and detailed personal information when you use it. If the information you provided is subsequently changed, you should update it online at any time or reach to CARMAX( , indicating that you intend to modify or delete your personal information, CARMAX will make changes according to your request. If the personal information you provided is incorrectly, or the original login information is inconsistent and has not been updated, or any false or fraudulent login in the name of another person, or the personal information you provided violates or undermines the purpose of the service of this website, you shall be liable for your own legal responsibility. CARMAX reserves the right to terminate your user qualification and the right to use each service any time.  

Intellectual Property Rights

All content published on this website, including trademarks, text, graphics, charts, music, animation, videos, images, logos, computer programs, data editing, layout and all intellectual property rights planned and produced by CARMAX in the content of this website are protected by Copyright Act, Trademark Act, Patent Act or other related intellectual property rights, and are owned by CARMAX or its right holders. Except for prior written authorization and consent from CARMAX or its right holders. In addition, you shall not copy, distribute, upload, announce, transfer, reproduce, modify, distribute, broadcast, or transmit or change any content of this website in any way, nor have the right to disassemble, restore, or disassemble this website. You shall not use the website or software illegally in any other form and for any purpose. Otherwise, you shall bear all legal responsibilities. CARMAX has the right to take all legal action to protect the rights of the company.


CARMAX will do its best to maintain the accuracy and completeness of the information on this website. However, this website will strive to provide accurate and timely information and content, but these information and content are limited to the current situation and their accuracy and timeliness, this website does not give any direct or indirect guarantees. Other websites linked via this website are not under the control of CARMAX. For this reason, we cannot be responsible for the content of any linked websites. CARMAX provides these links only for your convenience. CARMAX does not guarantee its authenticity, completeness, immediacy or credibility, and such individuals, companies or organizations are not of course affiliated with CARMAX. Nor do they have any employment, appointment, agency, partnership or other similar relationship with CARMAX. 

You understand that there are commercial advertisements and promotion information of various products on this website. These contents are all made by advertisers or commodity service providers, and CARMAX is only a medium for providing content to be published. For the products sold through this website, CARMAX does not assume any guaranteed responsibility for the transaction process and the products themselves. You understand that the quality, warranty and after-sales service of the goods or services you purchase through this website are solely the responsibility of the goods or service providers. If there is any defect or warranty responsibility, it has nothing to do with CARMAX. 

You agree to use the services of this website based out of your personal will, and agree to take any risks, including the damage to your computer system or any data loss due to downloading materials or pictures from this website or the information obtained from the services provided by CARMAX.

Limitation OF Liability

CARMAX is not liable for any direct, indirect, collateral , or special damages, losses or expenses caused by your use of the services on this website or your inability to use the services on this website. If the service you use on this website has a relative cash price, CARMAX is only liable for compensation within the relative cash price range you paid. If the above limitation of liability is prohibited by the governing law, the limitation provisions will not apply.

Prohibited Acts Of The Law

CARMAX has the final decision on whether your behavior complies with the terms and conditions or not. If CARMAX believes that your behavior violates these terms and conditions or any laws and regulations, you agree that CARMAX prohibits you from using the services of this website at any time. If you violate any laws and regulations, you shall be legally responsible for your online activities.

Penalty For Damages

Due to your violation of relevant laws or regulations or any of the terms of this terms and conditions, you have caused damages or expenses (including but not limited to the attorney's fees incurred in civil, criminal, and administrative procedures, etc.), you shall be liable for damages or compensate for the expenses.

Validity Of Individual Clauses

If the whole or part of these terms and conditions are invalid, it will not affect the validity of other terms.


If you need to notify CARMAX according to the terms and conditions of this site, please send CARMAX by e-mail ( Before CARMAX receives your notice, the notice has not yet come into effect, so the original agreement will not be changed or affected in any way.

Change Statement

CARMAX reserves the right to update or revoke these terms and conditions and the content of this website at any time and is not liable for any notification obligations. We will update the information at any time, and it is recommended that you check and browse regularly to keep up with the latest news.

Governing Law And Competent Court

The interpretation and application of these terms and conditions, as well as the rights and obligations between you and CARMAX due to the use of the services of this website, shall be governed by the laws and regulations of the Republic of China. Shall there be any litigation or disputes arising from or in connection with the terms and conditions, you agree that the Taiwan Taipei District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction.